Sani Marina: A Composition of Extensive Docking Facilities

Splashing and swaying with the wind, the luffing yacht sets its sail down, ready to port. A streamlined water trail reveals before, jutting out and enthralling visitors as a newly discovered paradise. Sani Marina simultaneously exhibits an inspirational reuleaux triangle composition marked by extensive docking facilities blending between the deep blue sea and sky. Nimand Architects circumscribes a picturesque layout, weaving a walkway around the harbour with linear sprouts flowering into the elliptical design.

The luxurious haven of Sani Marina set on the scenic Kassandra Peninsula invokes a pleasurable vibrancy in the Aegean seas. In addition, Sani Marina heralds its inspirational prestige as it is one of the five best first-class harbours to receive the Blue Flag award. The arrival stretch extends and curves in either direction, quilting golden sands overlooking the crystal clear waters. The inspirational expanse arranges sunbathing loungers and umbrellas engaged along the spectacular beach. Round black circular conjoined frames induce an element of contemporary art on the seashore. The hotels, residences, and villas slashed along the bay enchant a modernistic theme adding to the harbour’s impression.

Defining Aesthetics

An array of pine trees and mangroves tie the port walkway, uplifting the green ambience. The Sani Resorts & Sani Asterias inculcates a striking inspirational silhouette around the harbour as they integrate a contextual definition. The inviting piazza particularly enhances a superior sophistication with its fabulous array of chic boutiques posing exclusive international brands along with delicious dining and nightlife. The harbour of Sani Marina opens all year round with the latest technology designed for the perfect holiday destination. The port of Sani Marina moreover provides 215 individual berths for crafts up to 33m in length laid around 32,000 m2 in a water depth of 3m. It even includes power supply, drinking water, fuel, sewerage and fire protection piping attached with the finger piers.

Furthermore, the Sani Marina promises to exude and satisfy the finest of tastes and captivate a contemporary international lifestyle. The exceptional facilities and services set in the beautiful harbour deliver a stirring opus for an idyllic getaway to the many steaming islands of the Aegean.

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