Seafront Apartment: Residential renovation with visual escapes to the sea

NIMAND ARCHITECTS carried out a full residential renovation on a unique apartment on the old seafront of Thessaloniki. By removing non-structural elements and taking down unnecessary interior walls, they achieved to create an open space with visual escapes to the sea.

Balancing neo-classical and coastal design with minimalism, the end result provides the necessary warmth of a family home, while paying homage to the history of the neighborhood. The principal aim of the refurbishment was to create a space free from conventional solutions. The apartment plan was mapped out considering user needs, while spaces were created to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A wide assortment of artwork from the sophisticated owner’s private collection was curated throughout the apartment’s refurbishment. The artwork feels “right at home”, as Nimand Architects design made sure to strike the perfect balance, without disrupting the simplicity of design. In the same way, the incredible seafront view was treated as another piece of art. Timeless, and interactive, it can be thoroughly enjoyed from the open plan living area.

The simplicity of lines and the large openings allow for natural light to diffuse across the apartment. The minimal surfaces also let light shine through. A wide array of architectural lighting – up lights, down lights, sconces, hidden lighting, and sculptural lighting fixtures – enhances the experience of gazing into the horizon. A selection of lighting strategies allow the users to adjust lighting conditions according to function. The communal spaces enlist layers of lighting that allow users to set their preferred atmosphere. All bedrooms are equipped with a collection of sculptural, architectural and task lighting, accommodating all needs of the user for maximum comfort. The bathrooms are bright and airy, as the lighting design mimics the flow of natural light.

Materials of the highest quality were used in this residential renovation. Durable and timeless, they complement the curated designer furniture. Luxurious and soft textiles converse with concrete, wood, and marble. Natural textures give way to glossy surfaces exciting the sense of touch. This harmonious mixing and matching of materials creates a haptic symphony.

The hallway opens up to a spacious area that includes the sitting and dining rooms. The entirety of the communal spaces is laid out with snow white marble flooring, providing a cohesive result. The elegant proportions and neutral color palette exude coziness and warmth. Thoughtful details further enhance the contemporary design. The kitchen features clean lines and minimalist colors. It’s refurbishment with seamless, floor-to-ceiling frosted glass cabinetry offering ample storage. The bedrooms look and feel comfortable, as design details amplify the sense of relaxation, without hindering function. Custom-made solutions give a distinctive character to each room, enhancing comfort in the most private area of the house.

The expertise of Nimand Architects in residential design helped transform this refurbishment project into a flowing space that improves the user experience and resonates with the local landscape.