Sani Porto

Porto Sani is a 5 star luxury hotel in Sani, Kassandra in Chalkidiki that features 98 suites of various types with spacious verandas and gardens with extreme privacy that’s achieved thanks to special plan layout of each building volume that is part of the complete hotel design.
Clear lines of the volumes, minimalist mood with visual escapes towards Sani Marina and the Aegean Sea in combination with the presence of artificial liquid elements such as swimming pools and a large fountain in the heart of the plot area, constitute the main directions in the architectural design of Porto Sani Complex by Nimand Architects.

Using simple construction expression the hotel design method explores the combination of modern and traditional materials in a calm color palette attributing simplicity, tranquility, and freshness to all public and private spaces.
The architectural design introduced envelopes of all volumes having a thermal facade system in all structural elements, inclined roofs, flat roofs, and external masonry, to avoid heat loss and prevent thermal bridging. Parts of flat roofs have also been converted into green roof gardens, improving the environmental footprint of the buildings, as well as the visual comfort, creating a pleasantly healthy and cool environment.
Natural light enters the Main Building, where Reception area with Lobby, Pool Bar and Restaurants are, gracefully through roof openings covered with perforated modern lattice screens and pergolas all over west side evoking alternating emotions, intimacy, coziness, relaxation, and well being.

Particular emphasis in this hotel design was also placed on the study of lighting with the installation of modern lighting systems and scenarios, depending on the needs of each space, while suspended ceilings and carefully selected lighting and decorative fixtures attribute to space a sense of luxury and comfort.
The upgraded energy behavior of Porto Sani, the use of bioclimatic design elements plus modern technologies of natural ventilation and cooling, in combination with the use of passive shading systems constitute a dominant component of the architectural design, intending to reduce energy consumption and requirements of the hotel while reducing significantly its operating costs.

Porto Sani is a Relaxed and Elegant beach hotel on the Sani Resort | Halkidiki Greece | Porto Sani (sani-resort.com)

  • Category
  • Location
  • M2
  • Client
  • Capacity
  • Completion
  • 19.507
  • 98 SUITES
  • 2020