Pine Forest Getaway

The architectural design in combination with the usage of natural materials and the lush pine forest that surrounds this summer house in Kassandra Halkidiki offer privacy to its owners while at the same time creating a dream environment for magical getaways.

Characteristic of this holiday home is the relationship of the interior with the outdoor, their connection, the diffusion of each other. It is organized, with simple lines and smooth curves, in such a way that the building is not an element foreign and competitive to the natural environment but to coexist harmoniously with it.

Its architectural design and location were guided by the East-West axis and respect for the large pines of the plot. The house is spread on one level with small unevenness of 2-3 steps from one space to another. Maximum possible privacy is achieved by separating the living room wing from the bedroom wing which spread out on two different axes and get connected by a glass neck. At this neck is the main entrance of the house that creates a small indoor garden and leads directly to the outdoor pool and a magnificent outdoor area dominated by the sculpture “Full Moon” by Costas Varotsos.

Characteristic of its design are the large openings that offer sea views from all areas of the house. The natural materials chosen create a warm and homogeneous whole while at the same time marrying the modern with the traditional element. The light-colored Kassandra stone is the material that characterizes the house together with the Karystos stone in the color of rust, the porphyry on the floors, and the oak in the frames. Everything was chosen to create a harmonious result. The furniture is simple and made of natural materials that create a pleasant and welcoming mood.

In collaboration with the French landscape designer Pierre Angst the design and the organization of the garden and plantings develop in various activity zones. All the plants used belong to the Mediterranean species while a pine forest grows towards the sea where the sunset off Thermaikos offers a unique spectacle against the backdrop of Mount Olympus.