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The offices of Nimand Architects are housed in a privately owned three-story building, in an area of ​​Thessaloniki without significant architectural identity and low rise structures with lush gardens. The contemporary interior design and the restoration study aimed on one hand at the preservation of the shell, on the other hand, the creation of office spaces with modern specifications and modern technology. The spaces are developed internally in an open layout and only the meeting rooms can be isolated.

The stone structure of the bearing walls, which contains pieces of marble slabs and wall members from demolition, was unveiled during the renovation phase, after the dismantling of the coatings and it was decided to be fully revealed in all areas. The special appearance of this masonry gives the space a special character and the constant presence of the past.

The rest of the masonry was treated with Kurasanit cement mortar as a special treatment, which has as a final result the texture of visible reinforced concrete. Double-sided glass wall-bookcases separate the office spaces that along with the special attention that was paid to the lighting study highlight the interesting textures and shades of natural materials that have been selected. At the same time they create a comfortable working environment for the employees and an inspiring contemporary interior for all clients and visitors.

Stone, wood, and marble converse and balance with the aluminum frames, the glass, and the white lacquers of the furniture, creating a sophisticated aesthetic result that makes this restoration a perfect example of transition from the past into the present.

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