Thalleia Exarchou: The Story of a Jewellery Store in Sani

Every fragment of jewellery tells a story that travels beyond its flicker and twinkles. As such is the interior design of Thalleia Exarchou, an exuberant and dynamic space enamoured with rich and capacious embodiments. The bare minimalism reflects the store’s bold signature, voyaging spatial dimensions. Nimand Architects have distinctly creased a robust and arduous sparkle of a jewel displayed in brutalist architectural glamour.

Nevertheless, an eye-catching spatial platter presents the Thalleia Exarchou Jewellery store overlooking the stunning Sani Marina at the Sani Resort. The interior design operates along two principal axes – A vast and linear format with a dominating storefront and a large rectilinear volume of ornamental display archives, cupboards, drawers and showcase spaces. This perspective permeates visual interaction among the fundamental characters.

Alluring Interior Design

Ebony black and metallic shades induced in the design emotes an authoritative zeal. The clouded concrete texture on the ceiling enhances the spatial demeanour in a muted quality, while the concrete flooring reflects the recessed lights streaming overhead. Furthermore, innovation and luxury in the store harmoniously convey an attractive interior design eschewing the decorative jargon.

As you stroll through Thalleia Exarchou, the silvery smoky ambience, the boxy gallant counters take their stand, revealing the ornament that resides within. A finely crafted chandelier suspended from the grey ceiling illuminates a profound radiance in the entire atmosphere. Black leather sleek chairs and tables organize the spatial layout incorporating a sophisticated and graceful aesthetic appeal. Subsequently, the interior envelops the furniture invoking a space station aura in a magnificent room that hangs a lunar art piece.

In addition, the dab of dense strokes in Thalleia Exarchou slashed by Mr Tolios enlightens the design drama, arresting visual perceptions. Furthermore, the monochrome magic weaved into every component imitates and iterates the rough style of fragmented solidity. The Thalleia Exarchou Jewellery store features a spirited exposition, rendering stark brilliance springing from the design that veils the jewellery.


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