Ikos Olivia

The five-star hotel complex, situated on a dreamy white sand beach is integrated within a majestic natural setting abounding in olive trees. The basic resort design principle was to carry out a demanding program working upon existing envelopes and a specific bearing structure. The primary aim was to attribute an ‘identity’ to buildings that initially used to be ‘impersonal’ and ‘colorless’ (one central multi-story building, along with one-story and two-story bungalows) with the use of contemporary materials.
Further interventions made were the addition of new facilities (such as the outdoor theater, spa center, and sports activity area), the construction of four new swimming pools (with respective design and arrangement of the surrounding area), as well as spatial organization and decoration of all public premises and rooms.
The preexisting break-up of large blocks into an array of building subgroups of different architectural perception, style & aesthetics, posed a real challenge to create a modern hotel complex of one single morphological concept.
Clear plain lines and minimalist style design are further enhanced by many ‘visual escapes’ towards the sea and swimming pools or recreation areas and green spaces.
Traditional and contemporary durable materials were used in the entire resort design, attributing simplicity and transparency to the interior and exterior of the buildings, creating an ambiance of peace and tranquility.
The main structural and morphological elements are coated surfaces, linings with the local Lakkoma stone, aluminum frames, and railings combined with triplex glass panels, travertine, marble, and tiles on the floor. Stainless steel was also used, on a much smaller scale.
The building façades are painted in soft warm earth color tones perfectly combined with the texture and coloring of the stonework. As for the interior, creamy-white, beige, and light blue colors have been selected to create a relaxing ambiance.
Special emphasis was placed on the aspect of illumination by placing modern lighting systems creating various lighting scenarios according to the needs of every space. The newly installed suspended ceilings and carefully selected lighting fixtures attribute to the atmosphere a sense of comfort, relaxation, and well-being.
Today the hotel complex comprises 295 suites, consisting of classical and deluxe rooms, family and deluxe suites with a private swimming pool or private garden or veranda, depending on the ground level they are located. Restaurants and bars with ample outdoor space sheltered with mobile canopies and tents, swimming pools, and full-green gardens are all in perfect harmony with the landscape -composing the ideal setting of absolute peace and calmness.
Ikos Olivia is a modern hotel complex with consistency in resort design principles providing top-quality services to its guests.

Ikos Olivia | Ξενοδοχείο Πέντε Αστέρων | All Inclusive | Χαλκιδική (ikosresorts.com)

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  • M2
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  • Gerakini, Chalikidiki
  • 25.300
  • Ikos Resorts
  • 295 rooms
  • 2015