Ikos Aria

Design arouses a soulful aroma when imbued by land, the deep blue sea and the vast sky in confluence in this hospitality project by Nimand Architects. As the sea waves spool and splash onto the beach, beside the Basilica St. Stefano’s historical ruins, shores the revealing and glamorous Ikos Aria.

Redefining luxury and hospitality, Ikos Aria presents a gorgeous vibe that transcends beyond the hotel’s architecture. The five-star hotel resort resides on the shores of the enchanting bay of Kefalos, to the southwest of the island of Kos, Greece. Ikos Aria is the fourth property of the luxe grand hotel chain, Ikos Resorts. Nimand Architects have fashioned a new dimension of hotel resort experience using masterful strokes that delve into the design’s voids and volumes.

Ikos Aria composes 374 well-furnished, decorated rooms and suites scattered about the five-story main building and 46 expansive bungalows stretched about its four auxiliary wings. The other facilities include eight fine dining restaurants, twelve enlightening bars, an open-air theatre, a kid’s club building, and outdoor sports.

The design concept that dominates the hotel interior attunes to voluminous spatial organization, harmonic proportions and delivers the sense of human scale at all levels. The architecture of this hospitality project is speckled and splayed about the site, capturing the magnificent views of the sea. The structures entail geometric patterns, linearly scaling volumes, encased concrete forms expanding to tranquil patios and pergolas spluttering out to blend the natural and built environments, screening a luxurious indoor-outdoor experience.

The architecture trails a boho-chic aesthetic using natural wood, rattan, earthy and dove-grey tones. The tethering, soft and natural textiles, festooned by fancy woven rugs and prudently selected furniture, integrate a sumptuous ambience and cosy mood to the interior charisma. Furthermore, the graceful, elegant peripheries and central colonnades invite a delightful hymn in addition to the various design styles expressed as elemental frills and flutes.

Moreover, the guests can stroll through a network of exciting pathways weaved amongst manicured gardens and the resort’s four outdoor swimming pools. These water bodies and the sea enhance the exquisite atmosphere of relaxation and warmth. The palatial location’s beauty streaked by the surrounding lush natural landscape merges with the built environment, elevating visitor perceptions. Besides, the resort has incorporated two archaeological sites within its plush gardens slashed adjacent to the beach.

The architectural parameters and design principles that run throughout this unique hospitality project, awakened by the chic and cosy hotel interior of the rooms and common spaces, open the doors for Ikos Aria as one of the best family resorts of Ikos Resorts.

Ikos Aria | Ikos Resorts


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  • M2
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  • Kefalos, Kos
  • 37.030
  • Ikos Resorts
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  • 2019