EXERETON: Healthy food products shop

Indulge your aromas and relish dried fruits and nuts in a moonlight silver lit paradise!
As you approach the Exereton shop designed in contemporary style by NIMAND ARCHITECTS, a sense of intrigue wraps your mind. The edifice exposes a cubified volume crowned by a black cylinder, with hazy illumination streaming through its glazed interiors. The dry fruit store entombs myriad dialogues within its context and surroundings. Two horizontal and two vertical glass frames exude a sneak peek for the people passing by, sprinkling them with curiosity and a fervour to explore.

Teal-grey shaded furniture layered with marble toppings and glass frames populate the store with an ergonomic layout. Straight lines, curves and fragmented boxes percolate the shopping arena, imbuing the experience of ambling through a retro themed spy action movie set. An array of track lights bolted across the ceiling splash onto display units with austere radiance. Juggling the intriguing elements, infused in greyed exposure, recuperates the dynamic aroma in the spaces. The reflective grey tiling inscribed with black and white rectangular patterns that offset at fixed intervals craft a modern art deco vitality to the store.

The curved central arena of the dry fruit store ensembles a curved glass display unit with a curved black channel stripped with spotlight fixtures dropping from the ceiling in style. An L-shaped marble table with a packaging shelf scored on the wall is accented with a row of cylindrical pendant lights. An enormous horizontal window gazes into the inner production rooms embellished in white tones. Structural columns and beams exhibited in exposed concrete integrate a brutalist charm to contemporary style.

The dry fruit store explores an amalgamation of structural and textural mediums in an elusive colour palette, inviting visitors with a passionate wink. Nimand Architects have truly defined the tradition of Exereton, broadening their essence and quality in delightful tones.


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