Rafa Nadal Tennis Club and Chelsea Football Academy

The game scores an ostensibly high momentum as victorious slashes strike on the contemporary clayey and green turf. The sport of Tennis and Football have steamed voracious energy from celebrated players in action around the world. The King of Clay, Spain’s Raging Bull, the renowned Rafa Nadal and the professional club Chelsea FC Foundation raised curtains to Greece’s first Rafa Nadal Tennis Club & Chelsea Football Academy in the exclusive Sani Resort at Halkidiki, Greece.

An open and vast colossal arena sets both Tennis Club & Football Academy gleaming in a thrilling landscape stemmed and slashed by a roadway. The vision of Nimand Architects carves an energetic play-park laced into the five-star resort. The field of Football Academy captures a green galore woven by thick luscious trees cancelling noises and forming a natural entourage for an intense game.

Contemporary Football Arena

Waving up and down, weaving tangled webs of skating path slashes beside the football court, adding a zesty blend into the sporty mix. In addition, six and two tennis courts splayed at various levels induce a unique visual interplay without distressing the natural terrain. Greenery also encircles these courts, absorbing a refreshing vibe into the gaming experience.

Furthermore, as you sweat and swell on the playgrounds with raging spirits and enthusiasm, the design and the spatial setting overtures an emotional flair and flamboyancy to the audience and the players. Rafa Nadal Tennis Club unveils along a driveway leading into a minimalistic beige and grey cuboidal building.

Vibrant Tennis Club

The Tennis Club opens to a terraced podium looking into the arena, coupled with characteristic stadium seating jutted horizontally. Umbrella canopies, tensile structures, and a green belt envelop the Tennis zones inscribing activities to partake in a lively mood. The football arena emulates Chelsea’s concept, splashing the dynamic blue colour over the large container unit building, canopies and outdoor furniture.

The interactive spaces engage in peppy encounters sparked by the vibrant themes infused within the design. Both the Tennis Club & Football Academy architecture and landscape invigorate a pulsating fervour to experience the games in all their electrifying glory and magnificence.



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