“World Design Capital”, Valencia 2022

In topic: Architecture

Cities like Seoul, Turin and Mexico City have one thing in common: They have been World Design Capitals. As Valencia is getting ready to become the world’s next design capital in 2022, we take a closer look to the events and special initiatives that will soon take place.

How a World Design Capital is designated?

The World Design Organization announces the World Design Capital every two years. In order for a city to become one, it has to acknowledge the importance of design as a tool to stimulate economic, social, environmental and cultural development. By becoming a world Design Capital a city that already is “design-friendly” has a chance to firmly establish a legacy of design that will remain within its economy and society for many years to come.

The case of Valencia

Valencia is the 3td most populated city in Spain. A city that stands out for its creativity in the areas of design, architecture and illustration. Creativity is so interwoven in Valencia’s social fabric, that the whole initiative to turn the city into a World Design Capital started from its society. Entrepreneurs and professionals, individual companies and authorities that dreamed of promoting local creativity even further and louder, on a global scale. Their objective is to make design the main agent for urban innovation and change.

What is in store for 2022?

Issues like social inclusion, sustainable growth and equality will hold a key role in Valencia’s world design capital programme of events. There will be exhibitions on topics like the Valencian graphic design and its fundamental role in daily life. Special projects focusing on Mediterranean design and one of its greatest legacies: ceramics. Discussion forums and online platforms regarding the management and procurement of design services. Everything will be free to all. Details and a specific timeline will be announced in early 2022. All will be aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

15 / 02 / 2022