The renovation of our office building is complete!

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The renovation of the Nimand building is complete!

In Nimand architects, our main guiding principle is the power of good design and its ability to raise the spirit by the optimization of environments. Our passion urges us towards the creation of contextual, user friendly, exciting contemporary buildings, spaces and open places. The commitment towards our clients and their needs, constitutes our greatest priority as through the spirit of collaboration, the end results would exceed their expectations. In all logistical difficulties lies hidden an opportunity for flexibility and creativeness, the art of practicality.

Our approach

In our Nimand studio external shell renovation, our main design principle was for our offices and workplace to match the aesthetics and contemporary architecture design principles of our projects. The building shell was cladded with external insulation in order for its façades to become energy efficient while, maintaining its contemporary volume and design principles. Apart from the alterations made in the external form, the existing railings were removed and have been replaced by new glazed ones which, led to a sharper form and an elegant final result.

Moreover, complimentary to the building’s volumetric approach is the lighting design. This study was carried out in order for the building to be effectively and efficiently lit. This was achieved by installing new recessed linear led lights in all openings making them visible and distinctive while, maintaining the contemporary design of the building’s façade. Lighting is a vital and valuable step in Nimand’s process and approach towards designing a project, as we always aim for distinctive and high aesthetic results.

Conclusively, our externally renovated Nimand offices, are now completely up to date with current environmental construction standards and our Nimand contemporary architecture and design principles.

Refreshed, renewed and up to date, we aim towards serving you with elegant and iconic designs that will leave you content with the finished result.

19 / 11 / 2021