Bejewel Jewellery Store

Located in the city center of Thessaloniki Bejewel store has been designed to feature a minimalist interior that retains its warmth. Even though it is a small-scale project the interior design features a functional and intimate space that is defined by simplicity, luxury and highly perfected detailing.

The main concept of this luxury interior design was to create a clean and ambient environment to showcase the bright colors of the precious jewel. A white color palette and pure geometrical shapes juxtaposed with high-end materials convey an air of optimism and stealth luxury.

Due to its narrow floor plan, three contrasting materials were used for the entire space, white glossy surfaces, grey distinctive veneer, and transparent glass. Walls and ceiling are coated with shiny white plaster, while the same plaster has been applied to the store’s facade, creating a simple backdrop for Bejewel’s logo.

On the left side of the store, a series of custom-fitted wood display windows are finished in white tones while contrasting grey accents were used for the display tables and the counter. At the other side of the store hanging glass, display cubes are integrated with hidden lighting in a geometric pattern and floor-to-ceiling mirrors that visually enlarge the space, captivating a cozy scenery.

Overall, this retail ‘s environment style is led by clean-cut shapes and architectural lines, to evoke a distinct expression of luxury design and elegance.

Bejewel by Thalia Exarchou