Seaview Apartment: Interior decoration with modern elements

The apartment is located on Thessaloniki’s waterfront, where some of the city’s most sought after properties are nestled. The interior decoration emphasises minimal lines and smooth finishes that were chosen to enhance the spectacular sea view without disruptions and interferences. Large doors and window frames allow the prevailing sea breeze to gently penetrate the living spaces.
The modern design has been carried out to meet the needs of the owners, a four members family, whilst maintaining a street rhythm and scale that stitches the project into its context. The interior decoration features neutral and unpretentious finishes, with light-colored wood, soft and warm fabrics, and rugs in the earth-colored range.
Marble and wooden flooring give the open-plan living spaces an uncluttered appearance, while the bathrooms are finished with monochrome beige marble and tiling on the walls. Sandy tones of color on the walls and ceilings reflect natural light and give the entire space along with the smooth shapes of the furnishing a welcoming simplicity and calmness.
Finally, the lighting design contributes to highlighting all the materials and textures carefully selected throughout the whole apartment adding a feeling of serenity that creates an innate sense of elegance.