SETE Offices: A Chiselled Space that Captivates and Inspires

Imagine yourself walking in elegant luxury for a discussion, a space that captivates and inspires your mind. Nimand Architects take off with a prolific scent of wood, fabric and marble chiselled as the interior elements that define the Sete Office.
Sete Office is located strikingly in Athens city, seizing views of the marvellous National Gardens and the iconic Temple of Olympian Zeus. In contrast, the interiors explore a high profile with superior excellence and quality as the project’s integral focus.

Upon entrance, reminiscing the ancient Grecian architectural flair, every trivial detail admires the golden era in their design. A large opening chiselled in fluted chestnut wood frames – a path leading into the core discussion room. An array of suspended ornate raw crystalline rocks shimmers in the natural light as a transition between spaces. In addition, mirrored frolicking butterflies strewn above the reception desk reflect the moments that unravel in the office.

The graceful chevron pattern on the doors adds an opulent charm. Moreover, the Sete Office spaces dazzle as natural light streams through the off-white curtains onto the d├ęcor and furnishings. The square-shaped ceiling lights illume the art pieces and spaces with a tranquil aura. Furthermore, the focus lights in the ceiling emphasize the figurines and other nuances.

Elegant Luxury In Office Space

The Sete Office plan integrates working zones for the office staff, a board meeting room, reception, waiting area for guests and other auxiliary spaces, neatly tucked into the composition. The contrasting white marble flooring in the reception and wooden flooring in the boardroom and central office conveys a spatial hierarchy. Furthermore, the striped grey fabric and black leather-wrapped chairs deem a suave quality, seeping into the workplace ambience in style.

The concept of Sete Office enriches the vision of Greece’s tourism sector, incorporating a classic style with sophisticated design techniques. Neutral shades of beige and off-white tones enhance the office’s professional charisma.

Moreover, inspiring artworks by famous Greek artists embellish the walls as fishes streaming out of their box and herrings schooling around in blue waters. Subsequently, these sculptural impressions in Sete Office complement the architectural ornamentation throughout the design, uplifting the perception of a modern office environment.


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