Traditional House at Agios Athanasios

This traditional house is built on a 200 m² site located within the Palaios Agios Athanasios preserved settlement. Agios Athanasios is one of the most picturesque villages with elements of traditional architecture kept in most of its buildings and within close reach to one of the most visited ski centers in Greece.

Since the building is exposed to heavy weather conditions, special attention was given to the construction as well as to the joints between the masonry and the timber elements.

The architectural design partially kept the original masonry framework of the existing property. Local, dark grey stone constitutes the main structural material providing a special character as this specific material is used for the natural finishing of interiors, too. The non-masonry surfaces have been covered with “Byzantium” pink or grey concrete. The internal floors of two levels are made of wide stripes of naturally colored, oak wood. This massif material in combination with the oak double-glazed energy window frames constitutes a warm and welcoming atmosphere of coziness and elegance that runs all the spaces of this beautiful traditional house located in the center of this mountainous settlement.

The property consists of three levels with the north-facing ground floor being the basement from the side of the street, due to the slope of the site. This floor accommodates an en-suite bedroom, a generously sized sitting area with a fireplace, and a large bathroom. Large white-grey slabs of marble cover the floor. The second level that is the risen ground floor, was designed as an open space intended for interaction occupying kitchen, living, and dining areas. The third level has an independent external entrance providing more privacy. The two bedrooms, one with a fireplace, are sheltered by a visible wooden roof, characteristic of Greek traditional architecture, that creates a calm and cozy ambiance.

The three levels communicate via an internal staircase made of metal and wood. A glass canopy wrap has been created around the staircase in the second level, becoming the central design element of the interior space.

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