Panorama Residence: A Remarkable Abode With Ingenious Creativity

A bungalow is more than a roof over your head, and it narrates the character of a living soul that enwraps its residents in good health, warmth and affluence. The Panorama Residence located in the outskirts of the city of Thessaloniki in a suburb called Panorama resonates on myriad levels. At first glance, it echoes a raucous staccato albeit carved within a titillating monumentality. Nimand Architects scores a volumetric synthesis articulated by juggling fragmented forms and voracious volumes in the Panorama Residence. The design curves, traces and wedges in a sculptural flair raising the curtains to an elaborately fashioned classical and modern home.

An elemental stoned promenade stretches moreover along the front entry of Panorama Residence establishing the essence of an epic arrival. An artistic persona flusters over the ingenious landscape, knitting large pines and shrubs in the composition. In addition, an assorted ‘museum style’ combination of grey and towering white personality, elevated on a platform, ensemble the grand residence in a magnetic allure. A vertically soaring doorway crowned by a glass dome abuts between two massive wings of the building. An arty black pillar with aquamarine crystal shards revolving around it as a frozen waterfall fastens the roof slab and floor level. Behind the left abutment, a curving staircase escalates the elevation in splendour.

Bungalow Style Interiors

The interior spaces of Panorama Residence spur a contrasting perspective from the monochrome exterior into a wooden embellished décor and furnishings. Sculptural figurines, paintings and decorative features pervade in lavish sumptuousness. Geometrically tailored skylight fabricated with dark metal frames invite natural light to strike upon the interior characters of the bungalow. The polished elements exude a unique etiquette delivering a pleasant experience to breathe among these ostentatious walls. In addition, a few art pieces in the Panorama Residence arrest our visual spectrum, such as a horse head peeking over a wall, an ornate golden mirror, Grecian capitals and textured daubs, all portraying a curious timbre to the architectural craft.

Subsequently the Panorama Residence truly boons an ingenious platter, graced with dramatic components that establish remarkable depth and deft creativity into the abode.


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