Overlooking the Sani Marina at Sani Resort, this jewelry store was designed and constructed, to create a modern and dynamic space offering a functional and pleasant environment adapted to the needs and requirements of the owner.

The interior operates in two axes: the wide one, where the storefront dominates, and the longitudinal one organized by the counters and the internal display windows creating a perspective of transparency and visual continuity of external and internal space.

Innovative, high-quality materials were used, creating a special atmosphere, in which architecture, design, and art are harmoniously combined. More specifically, grey concrete covers walls, ceilings, and floors giving a minimalist aesthetic that exudes calmness, comfort, and luxury.

Special attention was given to the lighting design, emphasizing both the textures and shades of the materials as well as the bright colors of the precious jewel. Glass wall lamps enlighten the paintings, which the painter Mr. Tolios created especially for the specific space.

Finally, both the architectural design and the conscientiousness during the construction create a unique result that is both of high quality and timeless.

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