Seafront Apartment

Τhe apartment is located on the old seafront of Thessaloniki and has been radically renovated with the principal aim of creating a space free from conventional solutions, where architecture is combined with design and art. The apartment was fully remodeled and transformed into a unique and modern family home, where spaces were designed in such a way to meet the practical and aesthetic needs of the sophisticated owners. Redesigned by removing nonstructural elements and the demolition of internal walls resulted in the integration of the hall with the sitting-room and dining-room.

The natural light entering the space through the large openings attributes a different breath to materials and textures. The lighting design promotes the aethereal character of the intervention and the aesthetic integration of the whole space is also achieved through the use of the snow-white marble floor which covers the entirety of the communal spaces. The elegant proportions in combination with the gray gradient color palette create a minimalist aesthetic ambiance releasing warmth, coziness, and relaxation.

The apartment design meets high standard specifications, with the use of top quality, durable, and diachronic materials that along with the exquisite furniture by famous designers focused on detail and quality have resulted in a perfect aesthetic outcome.

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