Marina Creperie: A Specialized Piazza Set in the Sani Resort

The perennial favourite of the French, a variety of crepe delicacies serves as a savouring experience set in the restaurant along the coast of the Aegean Sea. The absolutely specialized piazza set in the Sani Resort offers a unique dine promising to relish your taste buds. Marina Creperie tantalizes the visitors with its outdoor décor and presentation expressed in a natural garden setting, imbibing cosiness and extravagance. Nimand Architects weaves an intricately refined spatial environment derived from the language of architecture and landscape.

The central dining space of restaurant Marina Creperie stems from the Marina port walkway, where yachts dock, ingeniously creating a buoying entrance to the restaurant. The gleaming sun clearly blazes a blooming effervescence slicing through the majestic trees into the dining areas. Subsequently, Marina Creperie distinguishes itself as a perfect sitting spot to watch the scenic realm unfold, exciting glimpses of the treasure it holds. In addition, light grey wicker braided furniture surrounded by lush greenery swells a subtle tone to the minimal theme of the restaurant.

Restaurant Decor & Elegance

The exterior décor exposition arranged by sofas and chairs loops around circular tables with a tiny green plant placed as the central focus element in Marina Creperie. Nevertheless, four triangular sheets of white tensile fabric extend and wedge through the pines, forming organic curves reminiscent of the sea waves. In addition, the tensile fabric locks and braces onto tanned metal poles and the building’s parapet, crowning the eatery space. The terrace encompasses a green roof above the indoor dining zones. A few areas are enclosed by snowy umbrella-shaped gazebos hovering over the tables.

By night, a crew of stand-alone woven bamboo luminaries illume and turns the restaurant Marina Creperie into a chill-out lounge bar for exquisite evenings and events. Furthermore, Marina Creperie indeed demands an audience to flourish and flaunt in its ever-radiant charm.

After a yummy dinner in the serenading haven, you sit back with a drink in hand and enjoy the company till the break of dawn.