Sani Asterias: A Rubble Masonry Dwelling In Cubic Form

An escapade designed to swell on your most cherished moments, a resort slashed along the Kassandra peninsula of Halkidiki in Northern Greece. Sani Asterias impels aesthetic glamour enriched by elegance, sustainability, and grand eminence. Nimand Architects iterates an ultimate serenity bathed along the glistening sandy beach; 48 individual suites castled on a 25m2 plot. Each dwelling vistas towards the yacht marina, an ensemble of sophisticated boats floating on the lustrous blue waters.

A creamy edifice and rubble masonry in cubic form exhibit the architectural charm of Sani Asterias. Every unit comprises a private garden and a spacious veranda, injecting permeability and an escape into the natural landscape. The sun and the blue sea gently invade into the interiors dashing a sun-kissed polished aroma.

As you enter, Sani Asterias, a minimalistic sloped façade alongside a soothing fountain invites you into the central building. A series of recurring wooden members with circular binding dazzles the reception space set in beige and grey décor. The circular theme seeps onto the round hanging light pods illuminating a warm and harmonious welcome. The restaurant areas gracefully blend indoor and outdoor in addition, round tables and black cushioned chairs engage in a delectable fusion to splendorous dining experiences facing the harbour. The bar and necessary auxiliary spaces extend towards the marina invoking an eclectic architectural drama.

Innovative Resort

The resort then spills into an obviously large cloud–patterned swimming pool amidst the social environments and private dwellings, abutted by a tiny kid’s pool. An array of silvery-umbrella gazebos and sun loungers volley along the periphery of the pool, basking in the glory of the sun. In addition, terraced villas stacked at various levels in Sani Asterias gaze to the tranquil pool, imbuing the marina’s panoramic shot.

Clinical and geometric forms of refined allure capture the living environment in an elite opulence. Moreover, the interiors of Sani Asterias exude a class apart, majestic and magnificent, with bedrooms lined in light creamy fabric, wood and glossy flooring. Conversely, the décor and furnishings complement the monochromatic exposition with weaving wickers, leather chairs and threaded sofas embellished by hanging chandeliers, circular radiances, and ceiling alcoves exposing the enshrined beauty.

Furthermore, the detail steps into stunning bathrooms imbibing the circular essence and warm colour palette. Nevertheless, Sani Asterias enigmatically rides a dreamy ambience, as the resort enchants an uplifting aura directed by a sensational repertoire.

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