MISSONI Boutique

Shopping is an art that requires a canvas to showcase the marvels that flaunt in resonance with architectural space. A bold ‘M’ scooped out with a warm glow emanates the façade of Missoni Boutique. Nimand Architects have streaked and elated the international brand with a dash of sleek and flawless contemporary elegance. This construction management project takes its stand at the city center of Thessaloniki, embellished in classy exuberance.

A vertical fascia with a square name board hovers over the glazed doors revealing the boutique’s inner secrets. Two mannequins pose at the entrance displaying the latest trend of the fashion world. The interior space furthers upon arrival in a linear style, gathers curiosity and intrigue at every nook and corner of its luxury design.

The design concept revitalizes an inventive and stimulating atmosphere, upbringing the stylish fervor. The interiors throb in white and grey palettes, transferring the focus onto the display’s attires and garments. The hanger racks and other display parameters in white take a smooth curve cherishing the clothes and accessories that hang from it. Fiberglass tinted panels in rose gold, whites, greys, and woven patterns bolted together into a sculptural element add captivating delight to space.

A parade of clothing unveils itself on either side along the linear path. The grey wooden flooring exudes a bold and salient effect. Full-length mirrors coupled between the extended garments on display impart a period to stop and look upon yourself. The apparels dazzle in vivid and bright colors complementing the luxury design of the interior’s effervescence.

The boutique’s ceiling expresses a grandeur allure, crafting an inverted step with lights spilling out in numerous octaves. In addition, along the edges of the false ceiling, cove lighting washes a moderate radiance illuminating the large interior stretch. Dual focus lights streamlined linearly illumes the showcased items in much elaboration. The Missoni trademark runs on exquisite quality and standard, which Nimand Architects’ construction management team proficiently accomplished in style throughout this project.