Sani Villas

Bathe in the brilliance of blue shimmers as you take a swim in the pool overlooking the sea. An enriching landscape cuddles into these colossal Halkidiki Villas by the shores. The vibrant villa design of the complex of Sani Villas, just a walk away from the Sani Resort, inculcates 18 villas, each with its private lush garden and infinity pool. Sani Villas rests upon the peninsula of Halkidiki, sparkling as a white and cream-stoned edifice. The astonishing scenic beauty and triumphant magic of the location are lauded by the Grecian architecture envisioned by the design of Nimand Architects.

Each villa design creates an impression of natural relief, exposing enthralling vistas, framing the tranquil sea and the mighty Mount Olympus. Linearly large windows are inscribed in the cubical façade of dynamic interlocked volumes.

Each one of these Halkidiki Villas welcomes you into a white-beige monochromatic ambiance woven into its décor and furnishings. The snowy white furnishing enhanced by the travertine flooring reflects an elegant spatial etiquette throughout its entire residential design. Devoid of partitions, each space blends to sprout a contemporary living atmosphere.

A dexterously crafted svelte mirror enhances the openness as it recluses into a niche with a beige tone. A fireplace alongside emanates warmth indoors as the white curtains drizzle natural light and awaken the villa to its glory.  An L shaped sofa in the living veers to capture the mighty sea views opening up in front of these Halkidiki Villas. Delightful dining flanked with a wooden glazed wall frames the open terrace.

The sophisticated bedroom on the upper-level sanctifies in white and light brown shades. A single window screened by Venetian blinds and pinewood cabinets lined along the wall invites a contrasting allure to the interior palette. The bed confines the central area with two radiant lamps, cylindrical side tables, and a fleecy sofa chair, inducing comfort. The upper-level spills into an expansive balcony that catches the crisp sea breeze and warm sunset. Bask in the aesthetic unity of this villa design and explore the majestic charm as you cozy into its serene embrace.