Urban Apartment: Contemporary design and fine materials refurbishment

This seafront apartment in Thessaloniki, close to the historic Aristotelous Square, has been converted and refurbished radically, choosing a contemporary design approach and fine materials that make the most out of the quality of light and views of the overlooking seashore.

Giving consequence to detail in the interior design and attentiveness to construction were the key points for the excellent aesthetic result that meets the eye from the very first moments someone enters this unique apartment with the unobstructed seascape.

Indoor and outdoor spaces merge seamlessly throughout the apartment, with large openings allowing natural light to overflow the contemporary design interiors, enhancing the perception of open space and transparency while at the same time, they provide different aspects of the chosen textures and materials.

The industrial and minimal style was chosen to emphasize the real texture and roughness of the materials. All interiors feature a grey-colored palette being warm and cool at the same time. Noteworthiness is the existing height of the ceiling which was preserved by placing a suspended ceiling with recessed light fittings in all spaces. Linear recessed slots were integrated into the entrance creating captivating and cozy scenery.

The minimal kitchen was placed in a new position where more functional space was created without compromising any living space. The industrial door connecting the kitchen with the dining area was made of metal and glass and concealed within the wall for seamless aesthetics. The dining and living areas along with two of the three bedrooms are placed on the façade to offer a privileged view. The living room’s wall, separating the living and dining areas from the bedrooms, forms bookshelves highlighting the occupant’s extensive book collection.

In proportion to the industrial and minimal sense of the interior space, the existing floor of the balcony was covered by large slabs and a built-in sofa was created for the sitting area offering a place for serenity and endless views.