How AI will shape the way we design in the future?

Technology takes an increasingly important role. The question of how architecture and design will evolve in the coming years becomes more and more imperative.

Artificial Intelligence will certainly have a huge impact on architecture and design. According to studies published just before the pandemic hit, almost 50% of architects in Europe would be using AI for 50% of their work by 2030. Covid-19 has even accelerated this pace. The need to stay apart while being connected and working together at the same time, has made us all more depended on technology. We had already seen this trend evolving before, but now it has become an indispensable reality for everyone.

artificial intelligence

The first effects on architecture

As the evolution of AI becomes more robust and widespread day by day, architects and designers are dealing with a new reality that they can definitely use to their advantage. In the very near future, the main role of the architect will be to focus on the strategy of design. To use all these new advanced technological tools to speed up the procedure and offer more alternatives to their clients. Architects will be able to discuss and present concepts much earlier than before in the process.

A boom for creativity


With less time spent on designing alternatives, architects will have more time available for spending on creative, conceptual thinking. What will happen is that while the time a firm spends on a client will be reduced, the value of its work will go up. How is that? The answer is simple: Because improvising and providing ideas that will create more real estate value (or more aesthetic and functional value) will be the main task of architectural firms. The key to their development and prosperity. AI is no threat to creativity. To the contrary. Technology is not going to replace the creator, but it will help him focus on creativity, liberating real talents from time-consuming tasks.

After all, as Albert Einstein has said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”


25 / 08 / 2021